He seems completely mad. When I haven’t known him yet I though he was even irritably mad. Then, when it’s a long time talking with him it change. He is still extremely mad, but he is loads of other things as well, good things I mean. He can make you laugh for a long by the time he make a fool of you, but the way he makes it is sweet and you don’t realize he is laughing about you. That’s funny.

He doesn’t know the existence of full stops and commas, but I think that it is because his mind. His mind is big and almost endless, I mean, his ideas don’t have end and he link it up like the wind goes over the mountains, like Tarzan travel through the trees in the jungle. I could say he is like a star because he shines even if he is not here, I could also say he is like an image, he costs more than 1000 words. But if I said these things I’d be lying: he is incomparable.

What else? Malta is just one more stop in his way, which is uncertain and intriguing. His wishes and his dreams are just ready to be reach.


Quant a nuriaventura

Periodista - journalist.
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